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Photo Clipping Path Services

A hard edged vector masking process that highlights the desired areas and hides the unwanted image elements is known as clipping path. It is generally used for concealing the background of an image, or for transforming an image into desirable shapes, which makes the masked portions transparent or converts it to a colored background.

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Once the clipping paths have been created in graphics program, it can be exported along with an image in the form of an embedded path or an alpha channel. It can also be drawn in a page layout application directly.

Clipping images find usage in catalogs, brochures, magazines, artworks, flyers, posters, eCommerce websites, and other similar fields where the images are frequently used. The clipping path services have become prevalent with the publishing houses, etailors, photographers, web developers, graphic design service providers, ad agencies, etc.

Clipping Path Services at Image Editing Solutions

Our professional Clipping Path experts use the Photoshop pen tool, for drawing vector paths around your images. We segregate the wanted objects or subjects from the unwanted background. Further, we use the paths to make selections, or else the path is predictable if you try importing your images into a pagination application like QuarkXpress or Indesign.

  • In Image Editing Solutions we assure you that all your Clipping Path jobs are given a quality treatment with maintaining the high level of accuracy.
  • The Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) & Professionals at Our exclusive support team of ‘Multimedia & Graphics Designing’ produces a cognitive environment to work out on various projects with handling different level of complexities.
  • We work around the clock to ensure you could get perfect product images for your site.

Our Exclusive services can be categorized in four different Service levels:

  • Simple clipping path
  • Complex clipping path
  • Clipping path with shadow
  • Clipping path with reflection
  • Vector path using the Photoshop pen tool
  • Creation of multiple paths for retouching and correcting the colors
  • Perfect for product shots that are hard edged
  • Options for transparent background, white or any color of your choice
  • Providing personalized images as background
  • Quick turnaround time

Our path clipping services can be widely characterized into five levels:

Simple Clipping Path: Clipping simple images involving smooth, straight edges form simple clipping path jobs.

Complex Clipping Path: Images with numerous curves, edges and rough surfaces, for instance jewelry, flowers, etc., consume immense amounts of time to make clipping path on them, and form complex clipping paths.

Compound Clipping Path: Compound path is the result of a combination of multiple paths for numerous products or colors within a single image. It is usually employed for correcting the colors and for background drop out purposes.

Clipping Path with Shadow: Our clipping path experts can add a natural drop shadow to your images to lend a more realistic look to the clipped images, regardless of whether the original photographs had it or not.

Clipping Path with Reflection: We can complement your image with a smart mirror-like reflection, or provide a nice three-dimensional look.

How is the Clipping Path made?

Clipping path can be created for any image using the Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, QuarkXpress, CorelDraw, etc. These are popular software, of which Photoshop is the most widely used. With clipping path, you can create an outline around the object that is to be sequestered from the rest of the pixels or area.

The paths are drawn with the Pentool in Adobe Photoshop. Thereafter, the Photoshop path is saved as clipping path using chosen flatness. JPEG, TIFF and PSD are the commonly used files in image clipping path services. Photo clipping path techniques can be useful in all types of images. However, there can be slight variations depending on the complexity level of the images.

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